Bushcraft Bespoke
Group Course

Group courses can be organized by prior arrangement with Bushmaster Survival Ltd for a single day similar to the Family Course or to extend overnight or the full weekend experience as required. The full weekend experience will follow the same itinerary as advertised however the overnight and single day options can be tailor made from the subjects listed below.

Due to the requirement for using knives and folding saws throughout most activities Lessons 1 and 2 are mandatory.

1. Introduction to cutting tools. (Lesson on the cutting tools we will be using throughout the course, each student will make 2 tent pegs or bush craft whistle). Mandatory (45 mins).

2. Knife Law and knife sharpening. (Understand the legalities regarding the use and carriage of knives in the UK finishing off with knife care). Mandatory. (45 mins)

3. Tarp shelters. (Lesson on importance of and requirement for shelter. Erect simple 2-person tarp shelters). (45mins)

4. Natural shelters. (Lesson on importance of and requirement for shelter. Construct 2 man shelters for overnight night accommodation using natural materials from the woods). (2.5 – 3 Hrs)

5. Game preparation. (Safely prepare fowl (pigeon) to eat). (60 mins including meal)

6. Game preparation. (Safely prepare a fish (trout) to eat). (80 mins including meal)

7. Game preparation. (Safely prepare a small mammal (rabbit)to eat for evening meal). Overnight courses only.

8. Breakfast. (Make Damper bread to eat with bacon and eggs). Overnight courses only.

9. Developing knife handling skills. (Lesson detailing various techniques to get the best out of using your knife and folding saw, culminates in teams making pot hangers). (45 mins)

10. Natural navigation. (Introduction to navigating using natural indicators including sun, stars, etc).

11. Sourcing and preparing water. (How to source water and safely prepare it for drinking).

12. Introduction to fire lighting. (Hands on lesson investigating the various methods for lighting your fire using different tinders, etc, we’ll teach you how to light a fire even in the wet). (45mins)

13. Advanced fire. (Different types of fire lay, chemical and electrical ignition and producing an ember with a fire bow/fire by friction). (45 mins)

14. Introduction to foraging. (Identifying edible, medical and poisonous plants and trees, includes safety considerations and legalities for foraging in England) (60 mins).

15. Natural cordage. (making string from natural materials). (45 mins)

16. Traps and Snare. (Discuss different methods including the legalities for capturing game/fish in a bushcraft environment). (60 mins)

17. Making Natural Ink/Quill. (making ink from natural sources, similar method to ink used on Magna Carta). (45 mins)

18. Team competition. (Race to boil water applying knowledge gained from water and fire lesson and previously constructed pot hangers). (Requires Lessons 1, 2, 9 and 11). (45 mins)